New Blood analysis service

New service alert! Launching September

We are delighted to share with you the news of our upcoming lifestyle analysis service.

Never before have we all understood the meaning of good health. The COVID pandemic has arguably had a few benefits. Our attention to hygiene  and our increased concern to enable and maximise our own individual health status and immune systems. Whether you want to keep an eye on your hormone levels, track your fitness progress or understand whether you have a vitamin D deficiency that may benefit from supplementation. Our convenient blood testing service means you don’t have to negotiate with your GP or wait for extended periods to book appointments that actually are not even convenient.

Our new service allows you to choose which tests you would like to undergo and book in at a convenient time at our central London clinic. Our samples are processed in a UKAS credited lab and are emailed to you.

To make life simpler, we have put together a menu of packages for you to choose from. If you are nor sure, you can discuss options at your appointment and your practitioner will help you choose the most beneficial for you.


WELLNESS (£189) – consider it a general MOT for humans!

FEMALE HEALTH (£88) – check what those hormone levels are up to

YUMMY MUMMY (£105) – A post pregnancy service

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (£179) – working on improving your diet- this will show if you are on the tracks

FITNESS (£129) – trying to get that activity clocked in and want to keep an eye on results

ATHLETE (£310)- Gym freak? Me??

Just to make it really worth your while when you visit our clinic and have your blood test done by one of our experienced team you, will also receive a complimentary general lifestyle assessment including blood pressure, and 13 different body composition metrics.

You will get your results via email  within 10 days including advice on how to improve your lifestyle.

Online booking available shortly. In the meantime if you want to register your interest click here or drop us an email.