Semi permanent makeup artist Kiril Trifonov at work

How to avoid bad brows

“I had been researching for months, if not years, whether to take what I considered to be an enormous leap and have my eyebrows tattooed. I was very conscious that over the years my eyebrows had diminished to practically nothing and the only method that would make the difference I required was eyebrow enhancement. However, I had seen some absolutely dreadful examples of this semi-permanent work and I was therefore very hesitant. During my research I came across the name 'Kiril' time and time again, and what I read sounded as if he was precisely what I was looking for. He turned out to be even better than what I had hoped. His workmanship is absolutely brilliant. He is extraordinarily talented and a perfectionist, which is exactly what is required with this work, and to top it all he is such nice person-emphatetic, kind, all a total delight. Kiril spends time to make sure the client understands the procedure and his professionalism and knowledge shows through in every respect. I recommend him unhesitatingly and my advice to anybody who has been procrastinating about having this treatment is to confidently 'take the plunge'.”

Avella Burchett

I'm guessing it's not hard for you to believe that the most common concern for anyone considering semi permanent makeup is the desire to remain looking natural.

It's hardly surprising when you consider the number of 'bad brows' that are out there.

Our clinic ethos here @193 is to only collaborate with those practitioners we would be happy to have a treatment from ourselves. Kiril Trifonov is certainly no exception.

This is one testimonial but there are plenty to read through.