Holistic health & skin services @ 193 Whitecross Street

193 Whitecross Street is a unique hub of independent practitioners.

193 Whitecross Street Clinic was the brainchild of LPA Clinical Director Elizabeth Rimmer who, having spent years as a ‘mobile’ Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner had struggled to find the perfect clinic space in the city area.

Elizabeth set about creating a clinic that was ‘clinical’ in as much as it presented a beautifully clean environment to all those who visit. In this pandemic era, hygiene has become more important than ever.

The clinic is discreet. Not everyone feels open and ready to share with the world the fact that they have facial injectables or that they experience the cleansing benefits of colonic hydration or even that they are supported during stressful times by a psychologist. With that in mind Elizabeth purposefully created a space that from the outside maintains a level of mystique!

The clinic operates as a collaboration of highly experienced, caring professionals who are hand picked by Elizabeth herself.

Elizabeth believes that because all of the practitioners are representing their own small businesses that their level of care and devotion is second to none.

‘Every single client who walks through the door at 193 Whitecross Street is appreciated and valued dearly because as practitioners, we have nowhere to hide. Larger businesses will often struggle to ensure that each and every member of their team takes each and all client visits and interactions as important. When you work for yourself it is always at the forefront of your mind that you want your client to feel welcome relaxed respected and well treated – every single step of the journey matters as it is delivered by you.’

Pre COVID the clinic was proud to have accrued such a fantastic team of specialists. The pandemic era has certainly been challenging but we have come back together as a team and are re energised with a joint philosophy of ensuring that all of our visitors leave us feeling as though we have sprinkled them with a little magic freshening powder!’

So whether you are looking to freshen up your face, your mind or your body, we literally have it covered here at the clinic.

Simply get in touch and we can put you in direct contact with a practitioner who will go above and beyond to give you the boost you need at the time you need it.