vitamin injections

Anxious to maintain your health at the optimum level?
Here at the vitamin shop we offer a range of boosters to keep your immune system and general health tip top.
We also offer you a home blood testing service for a range of different checks.
Vitamins: B12, D, H, B complex. Also available: Gluthathione

Is It For Me?
Vitamin shots are a fast efficient way to boost your immunity and general wellbeing. If you feel that your energy levels are low, your hair and nails are weak, or you have ow vitamin D then this is definitely for you.
How Does It Work?
All vitamin shots are administered with an intramuscular injection. This procedure takes minutes and starts to absorb into your body immediately.

Will I Get Bruising?
As with all injectable treatments, occasionally you may experience a small bruise.

Does It Hurt?
Intramuscular injections are quick and virtually pain free.
How Long Will Results Last?
Each vitamin has a different schedule. Your practitioner will be able to advise you on how long it will last or how often you should have.
Are There Any Medical Reasons You Cannot Have This Treatment?
As with all treatments, pregnancy and breast feeding mean that you should avoid these treatments. Prior to treatment your practitioner will carry out a full medical assessment to establish whether there are any reasons you should not have treatment.
How Much Does It Cost?
The shots are £30 each. If you prefer to pay for a course this is more cost effective.
B12, B complex, Glutathione, Vitamin D, Biotin