Elizabeth Rimmer

If you are interested in skin treatments like Botox or Profhilo London Professional Aesthetics are experts in these areas. Elizabeth Rimmer (Dip, BSc, MSc, Independent Nurse Prescriber) offers a range of skin treatments. You may want to improve the texture and tone of your skin and reduce the various effects of ageing on the face. Injectable treatments work wonders for these kind of issues and they are only one of the options available. There are many different treatments and procedures which can give great results for skin rejuvenation and improvement of the imperfections we all have. The art is in helping you to look like the best version of you! You may have a skin condition such as acne or rosacea or psoriasis which can sometimes feel a struggle to manage. Conditions like these are long term and whilst there are no quick fixes there are regimes and treatments that do really work. Elizabeth can help with all of the above using a variety of prescription and non prescription skin care, medical aesthetics, LED phototherapy therapy and more.

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In the light of recent concerns regarding lack of regulation of the aesthetics industry in general Save Face have launched a centralised register that enables the consumer to search, compare and rate Save Face Accredited practitioners and premises with the peace of mind of knowing that they have all been individually assessed on-site against a stringent set of standards by a Save Face Clinical Assessor. LPA has been assessed and fully approved for the services we provide.

Happy Clients!

I decided to go for a PDO Threadlift when I noticed some unwelcome sagginess beginning to develop around my mid-face. I did tons of research on threadlifts before I went in so I knew what to expect, but even with all the additional research I still felt quite nervous. Luckily though, Liz made me feel so at ease that all the nerves I had before just floated away, along with some of that mid-face sagginess I mentioned earlier (thanks to the threads)! She used a local anaesthetic to numb the areas where the threads were going, so apart from a bit of pressure it was a fairly painless procedure. I had minimal bruising and was straight back to work after my treatment. The results are very subtle and natural so the average person won't know you've had any "work done", but you will see the difference when you look in the mirror. Would definitely recommend LPA and Liz for anyone considering a PDO threadlift!

 Katy Mills,35

 Business Centre Manager

katy mills

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

I’ve been researching tear trough filler for a few years after looking a bit tired and hollow around my eyes. Elizabeth and I discussed it on numerous occasions and she always had time to answer my questions over time. Over a year later, I finally felt confident to go for it – something being done so close to my eye made me very nervous and my pain threshold is low – I was very nervous!

I had nothing to worry about – yes, it was uncomfortable for a few seconds but Elizabeth put me at ease and the results are amazing. So glad I went for it!

Jennifer Perry,38

Managing Director

Jennifer Perry

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

Having a had a few treatments with Elizabeth I’d highly recommend her. Elizabeth has that great mixture of being friendly yet professional. After visiting other clinics where all you get is a hello / goodbye I appreciate Elizabeth taking the time to explain the treatment whilst catching up on what’s happened since she has last seen you. LPA also post great content on Instagram so worth a follow if you are researching treatments.

Ross Caddy

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

It was a great result for both treatments. I loved it and exactly the price I was quoted.

Becky, UK

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

Very pleased with results. Wish I done it sooner and good price. Thank you!

(Wrinkle Reduction)

Karina, UK

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

I had a very informative and professional consultation which left me feeling really positive about going ahead with treatment. Elizabeth is clearly well qualified and informed and very sympathetic and realistic. Clean, calm, professional and friendly. It was easy to find, quick and courteous in all communication with me and made me feel at ease. Just what's needed when you are considering any type of treatment in this area.

Lucy, London

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

I can't afford to come in often, but when I have i've left feeling a million dollars.

(Dermal Fillers)

Jo City

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

Absolutely delighted with the results from a DermaActive Peel + LED phototherapy Liz is an absolute professional & fully explained the procedure so I could relax and enjoy the sessions. Would highly recommend this clinic and procedure, both are great! Looking forward to my next session there.

(LPA Derma Facial)

  Sheila, UK

Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

I have had several really good experiences here. Lovely practice in Clerkenwell. I highly recommend! From initial contact through to first consultation, treatment and follow up, this practice is professional, thorough and friendly. Great results for pre-wedding wrinkle injections, and great follow up advice and attention. Also really competitive rates for treatments :)

(Treatment for Wrinkles)


Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)

The results were amazing!! As a bride to be, I wanted treatments that improved and enhanced my skin and that's exactly what I got. I had two treatments that I had never tried before, so first was medical microdermabrasion, which left my skin feeling silky smooth and extremely clean and unclogged!! The second was LED Phototherapy and my skin was left feeling refreshed and radiant. I would highly recommend them both and London Professional Aesthetics ensure you feel informed on every treatment and you leave feeling pampered and like a movie star!!

(LED Phototherapy & Medical microdermabrasion)


Practitioner: Elizabeth Rimmer (LPA)