Does it hurt?

Osteopaths work to relieve - not cause - pain so most of the time the answer is no. If an area is sensitive you may experience some mild discomfort, however your Osteopath will always check to see how you are feeling and adjust their treatment accordingly.

What are the side effects or down time?

One of the benefits of Osteopathy is that there are few side-effects. Occasionally you may feel a little achey just after the treatment but this is temporary, if this does persist for longer than 24 hours then please contact your Osteopath.

When do I start feeling the benefits?

Many people feel an immediate improvement in mobility and reduction in pain after treatment but it depends on what is causing your symptoms. Some conditions can take longer than others to heal but your Osteopath will always explain the prognosis for your recovery.

How much does it cost?

The first appointment is £80 and lasts 1 hour. Your Osteopath will ask you questions about your symptoms, your overall health history and examine you before giving a diagnosis and treatment. Follow-up appointments are £60 and last 40mins. Your Osteopath will check how you’ve been, perform a brief examination and commence treatment.

Is there any downtime after a treatment?

Your Osteopath will tell you if there is anything you should avoid but Osteopathy is quite gentle and for most conditions people are able to go about their daily activities straight after their appointment. If in doubt please ask your practitioner.

Andrew is a great osteopath and has helped me many times, especially with my neck.

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