Medical Weight Loss

The National Medical Weight Loss Programme

The National Medical Weight Loss Programme involves a calorie controlled diet combined with a medication injected at home once a week using a tiny painless needle. Click below to register your interest.

Introducing a revolutionary online weight loss programme. Combining a calorie controlled diet with a medication to curb your hunger - prescribed overseen and fully supported by an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with years of experience in helping people to lose weight. Complete the assessment form to see if you are eligible.

Does It Hurt?    
The NMWLP involves the use of a medication self injected once a week. The pen device has a tiny needle and is not painful.

What Are The Side Effects Or Downtime?    
Some people will experience nausea and lethargy initially, if this happens it usually settles very quickly.

When Do I Start Feeling The Benefits?    
Weight loss on this programme can start very quickly. Results will vary from person to person but some people will lose as much as a stone in around 4-6 weeks of starting the programme.

How Much Does It Cost?    
The cost is £250 per month. This includes your initial assessment and guidance throughout, access to a confidential facebook group and a post treatment offer of 10% discount on LPA fat dissolving injections.

193 Whitecross Street Practitioners

The National Medical Weight Loss Programme is supervised by Advanced Nurse Prescriber Elizabeth RImmer. Clinical Director of London Professional Aesthetics.

The programme has given me the perfect kickstart I’ve needed to get back on track, control my bad Lockdown eating habits and shift the extra weight I’ve gained - it’s been so easy to follow and great to have the support from Elizabeth - all from the comfort of my own home. I can’t recommend it enough!

Marissa, age 44

I have tried every diet imaginable without any lasting success, mainly because I was hungry with the diet or it was very restrictive in what I could eat. This weight loss programme is perfect, it’s so easy to administer the Ozempic injection and I never feel hungry, my daily calorie allowance is realistic and offers me the ability to make healthy choices when I’m planning my meals because I’m not starving myself or denying myself any food groups. I have never felt so motivated to reach and maintain my healthy weight. The facebook group and support from Elizabeth really supports you and makes you feel part of a group and that you are all in this together as well as offering top tips and sharing ideas or experiences. I have lost on average 1.6 kgs per week and can really start to notice a difference when putting my clothes on, everything fits much better which is also really motivating. I cant recommend this programme highly enough, it is easy, effective and you don’t have to spend all day planning and thinking about food because you’re hungry...the only thing you have to lose with this programme is the unwanted kilos!

Sharon, age 51

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