Revolutionary Online Weight Loss Programme

Weight Loss


We have some fantastic news to share... 

We are launching a revolutionary weight loss programme!

The reason we are launching this right away is because we can offer you this service from the comfort of your own home!


The process starts with an initial health questionnaire - just click to get started.

Once we have received your form, you will be assessed for your suitability.

Our first programme is due to start on Monday 8th June

To help you decide if this is for you, here are some Frequently asked questions:


Q What is The National Medical weight Loss Programme?

A This is a national service we have partnered with. The programme consists of a calorie controlled diet with the addition of a once weekly medication. You give this yourself using a tiny injection pen.


Q How much weight can I expect to lose?

A This varies but most people will lose around a stone (6.5kg) every 4-6 weeks. There are many factors that affect this.


Q Who will be involved in my care?

A Elizabeth Rimmer our Clinical Director (a Nurse Prescriber) will assess, monitor your progress and prescribe your medication for you.


Q What do I do once I reach my ideal weight?

A This is really down to you. Most people feel happy to maintain their lifestyle to manage weight regain. You do have the option of staying on a low maintenance dose to help with this.


Q Do you need too fast?

A No, fasting is not a requirement of the programme.


Q I don't like needles - will it hurt?

A The needles are super fine and painless.


Q Is it legal?

A Yes - 100% This is a drug that is used to treat Diabetes. We use it 'off label' which means that we are using it for weight loss rather than Type 2 Diabetes.


Q Are there any health benefits?

A The health benefits that result from weight loss are wide reached & significant.


Q Are there any side effects?

A Yes, it is common to experience nausea initially, this can last up to a week and usually settles. It is normal whilst your body adjusts to the medication. Some people also experience constipation and headaches. We will guide you through all of these unwanted effects.


Q Is there anyone who can't have it?

A Yes - as with all medications some people will be unsuitable, Elizabeth will advise you if you fall into one of those categories.


Q How much does it cost?

A The cost is £250 per month. This includes not only the medication but other resources to give you the best possible opportunity to lose weight.


Still keen to join? You must complete your initial assessment form to be considered for the 8th May.

020 7250 3340
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