Meet Ben the founder of Bespoke Massage

“Having spent quite some time working as the Principal Therapist at a number of the London's leading spas, I got a good look at the industry as a whole. What I noticed was that while there were lots of companies offering massage treatment in Central London, there were very few offering a personally-tailored, therapeutic, approach to treatment
So I quit, ventured out on my own, and created Bespoke

Ben, Founder of Bespoke Massage

Bespoke is a leading boutique massage company based in the heart of central London.
'We offer a unique, personally-tailored, approach to massage treatment at our home at 193 Whitecross Street, as well as mobile treatment throughout the city.'
At Bespoke our philosophy is simple: we don’t have one.
Instead we build our philosophy – from the ground up – around you and your individual needs.
We work with you to design a therapeutic treatment that’s tailored specifically for you. Come in for a consultation and massage treatment at our Central London studio today.
Many of our expert therapists use their own gorgeous blend of organic oils that moisturise and firm tired skin. Studies have shown this can increase skin’s natural elasticity by up to 40%!
We work around you and your busy schedule; if you don’t have the time to come for therapy in our studio, then we bring our studio to you.

Having worked a little bit as a dancer when I was younger, I was fascinated by the way the body worked. So, when I decided to set out as a deep tissue massage therapist I was determined to work in a way that struck an ideal balance between relaxation and deep muscular relief.
As I’ve grown in experience over the years (treating everyone from acrobats to rugby players) I’ve realised that there is no one way to work. Every treatment demands I draw on a whole number of different disciplines. This way, I get to design a new way of working that’s tailored to each client. And that is basically the ‘big idea’ (if you can call it that?) behind The Bespoke way of working.
It may sound a little exaggerated but I firmly believe deep tissue massage can fundamentally change the way we experience the world: physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Many of the day­-to-­day feelings of anxiety, lack of confidence and general “staleness”, are a result of our physical bodies not functioning at their potential. I believe that massage has the ability to go some way towards changing this; to energise and reinvigorate you and send you out into the world refreshed and ready for whatever life has in store”


Each of our expert therapists are trained and insured in a whole range of therapeutic styles, allowing us to build a way of working that is uniquely designed around each and every client.

Deep Tissue is a perfect choice for those in need of deep muscular relief.

Swedish Massage is perfect for those that prefer a slightly gentler, more holistic, approach.
Sports Therapy is perfect for all sporty types, not just athletes suffering from a specific sports injury.
Tui Na is a perfect choice for those that prefer an Eastern approach to therapy. Enjoy the benefits of this wonderful ancient Chinese discipline.

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