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These days everything is easier than you think. Despite all the hardships of the pandemic, there have been effects that have pushed us further faster and have us all being much more mindful of taking measures to maximise our health.

Like many, you may currently be more concerned with your health than you ever used to be. Although it can be a worry, could this be one of the positives to come from this pandemic?

We know that people who are overweight or have underlying health problems may fare worse with COVID. This seems to have more impact now than all the other links with recede health and wellbeing. The same can be said for smokers.

Lockdown has also prompted some of us to try to address our bad habits both for mental and physical health - after all the 2 are intrinsically linked.

Talking to our clients we know that you are more likely to want to be proactive with regards to yours or your family health. We understand all too well the limitations of the NHS and at the moment in particular the immense strain it is under. How can we navigate ensuring our best health without creating an added burden to the health services around us?

Using an online blood testing service has many advantages.

Firstly you don’t need to leave home (apart from dropping your sample off into a post box).

You don’t have to convince your GP of the reasons you would like to have your vitamin D, B12 or any other health marker checked.

  • You don’t have to feel guilty for creating undue workload on your GP.
  • You can be fully in the picture about the health indicators that you feel are especially important to you.
  • Perhaps you have read about the correlation on vitamin D & the health outcomes with COVID.
  • Perhaps you have happily tested out veganuary and wish to continue, but wonder if your vitamin B12 level  is low.
  • Maybe you have been feeling down and would like to check if there are any hormonal issues that could be contributing to your low mood


If any of these apply to you then all you need to do is simply click the link  & select the tests you would like to have done. Your samples will be processed in a UKAS approved lab and you will receive your realist with interpretation in an email.

All this simplicity will help you determine what measures you can target to improve your overall health and immune system.

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