I am UK qualified in Level 3 Beauty / Grooming, Level 4 Sports Massage and Level 3 Personal Training.
I was personally trained by Kim Lawless 'The Wax Queen' and use only her methods, which is fast and thorough and gives the perfect wax every time. 
Here are a selection of the products that I use on my clients, including the highest quality hot wax by Perron Rigot from Paris which does not cause any soreness at all. You'll be amazed with the results straight away.
I treat guys with excessive body hair who appreciate the aesthetic and hygienic benefits of being less hairy, including male intimate waxing, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing (back, sac, crack and pubic).
I offer deep tissue sports massage techniques benefits both physical and psychological for people suffering from muscle pain, injury and discomfort. Targeted massage can release tension and toxins in muscles and aid recovery. 
Why not treat yourself to a Body Scrub (30 minutes)?
I use exceptionally gentle plant gel peel with no abrasive particle for smooth, velvety skin with massage.

Treatment Prices

Male Intimate Waxing Treatments / Prices

Treatment Price
Crack waxing £15
Crack and butt cheek waxing £25
Crack, Penis, scrotum, removed, pubic triangle trimmed (no butt cheek removed) £40
Brazilian waxing: Penis ,scrotum, crack, butt cheeks removed, pubic triangle trimmed if request £45
Hollywood waxing: penis , scrotum, crack, butt cheeks and pubic triangle removed £50
Front only penis, scrotum removed, pubic trimmed or removed £30
Back neck, shoulders and butt cheek, crack waxing £70
Chest abdomen and Brazilian waxing £70
Legs and Brazilan waxing £70


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