Track Your Health Progress

Track your health

The team @193 is raring to get going again.

We are determined to to get out of this lockdown in our best possible shape mentally & physically. We have learned more than ever just how precious time is. With that in mind we have a collective aim to be ready to enjoy freedom as soon as it comes. We do not want to get caught short! If the sun is shining we will be ready to feel confident and happy to get out there, not spend the first few months thinking ‘aahhh I need to lose my lockdown pouch!) We are all working to improve our physical and emotional health and when the doors open we plan to de hair, manicure, prune and preen to our hearts desire.

Track your progress - there’s nothing more motivating than seeing actual improvements as a result of what you are doing. When we see people posting their ‘wins’ online, this is often just a way of keeping themselves accountable to a mental commitment to stick to a health plan or lifestyle. This kind of public announcement is not for everyone but finding some way to make yourself accountable to your health commitments can really help to keep you on the pathway you want to be on.

Now, the thing to bear in mind with any new venture to improve your health is moderation. No matter how committed to the cause we are, we will have days and times when we stumble and fall. The key to ‘falling off the wagon’ is simply acceptance.

Missing your exercise, having a cigarette, opening that wine are not reasons to decide you have failed and therefore have ruined everything. Neither must you pretend this misdemeanour never happened. Acknowledge it, write it down record it, most importantly- move on and move forward!

Suggestions for tracking:



——-weight & other metrics

——-blood analysis

———step tracker apps

———stop smoking apps

———-reduce alcohol apps

———buddying up



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