Great offer on Colonic Hydrotherapy


Our highly skilled resident Colonic Hydrotherapist Liz O'Sullivan is offering treatments at £65 instead of the usual £85 for a limited time only until 30th November 2018..

Our Clinical Director, Elizabeth Rimmer had a few questions for Liz recently (you can check this video out on our @193whitecross Instagram feed).

Clinical Director: Liz, for what kind of reasons do people come and see you here at 193 Whitecross Street?

Liz: I see people for all  kinds of conditions, including constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating and of course, for detox and cleansing.

Clinical Director: Do you know how or when this treatment started?

Liz: Yes it all started in Egypt in the time of the pharoahs. There was one pharoah in particular who had his own personal hydrotherapist and he had the wonderful title of 'The Keeper of the Royal Rectum'.

Clinical Director: So what are the benefits of this treatment?

Liz: A great feeling of wellbeing and lightness, your hydration levels will be raised immediately and you will leave my clinic feeling full of energy and vitality.

Clinical Director: Is it embarrassing to have this treatment?

Liz: No, you are fully gowned and covered throughout the procedure and we have full on suite facilities.

Clinical Director: Is it painful to have this treatment?

Liz: Rarely, I have been doing this for over 20 years and I'm very good at putting people at their ease.


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