Eyebrow Story


With the rise in popularity of a more natural approach to semi permanent eye brow makeup, we asked industry expert Kim Balsaskas to shed some light on the different techniques and what they mean.

As the industry is growing I am getting more questions about microblading and what the difference is compared to PMU. Both methods abrade the skin with a needle - which is a form of a tattoo. Microblading (right) is a manual blade, is not suitable for every skin type - as the superficial hairstrokes are applied close to the surface where movement is, fading quicker. Crossing hairstrokes needs to be avoided as this can cause trauma and scarring with the blade. PMU (right) is a digital machine with adjustable speeds to set for each individual skin type making protrusions creating a hairstroke or shading for brows, lips, eyes and medical. PMU works well on all skin with minimal trauma with longer lasting results as the needle carries the pigment into the dermis. Overtime all PMU and Microblading hairstrokes slightly blur due to the skin which cannot be stopped but can be prevented by choosing the best method of tattoo the client. For example oily/open pore skin will not hold a crisp hairstrokes so Ombré PMU is best suited where as a normal think young skin with no previous tattoo work have good options between PMU and Microblading. Please do your research... ask for healed photos and the immediate result is not the end result! Ensure the artist has correct qualifications, insurance and a special treatment licence at a clinical premises which will differ by location.'

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