Who is this for?

Any one over 18 years of age wanting to addresses emotional issues

How many sessions will I need?

Minimum 4

When do I start feeling the benefits?

Straight away

Is there anything I should do to prepare?


How much does it cost?

£87.50 per person / £130 per couple

Edoardo is an excellent professional with a broad experience in his field! Since the very first session, he has made me feel at ease and listened to. I have always been very relaxed in expressing myself and in telling him my story / situation. He's sharp, keen and very quick at pinpointing the key matter of your malaise. He knows the best way to teach you how to see things from a different perspective and to encourage you to find your own way in life. A huge thank you for holding my hand along my darkest moments and for being so helpful. Highly recommended. (Tefania Morena)

020 7250 3340
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