How to manage body hair

Everything you wanted to know about male grooming but were to shy to ask

Male grooming can sound a little scary to those of you not in the know. It covers a plethora of treatments for men looking to manage their body hair. You will also hear terms such as 'manscaping' , 'waxing' , 'laser hair removal', 'body trimming'.

For some men this can feel like an intimidating world, unlike with women- discussions around hair removal are not common pub topics!

We want to demystify this and tell you everything you want to know but are too embarrassed to ask!

Our resident male therapist Jimmy Bodur has been at the clinic right from the start. Trained by one of the best in the business, Jimmy has, over the years increased his skillset and knowledge. He offers a range of hair removal options to suit all kinds of needs. Being experienced with treatments like these are important for TWO MAJOR REASONS, which many men are concerned about when considering male grooming.


An  experienced practitioner like Jimmy will provide you with pain free treatments. Experience means repetition and repetition makes you better and better every time you treat someone. As with all skills in life, the more you practice them the better you get-it’s as simple as that!? 


Male grooming is a specialist field. Not every therapist can do it well (in fact, most can’t!). As much as anything, this is down to understanding the male anatomy. It might sound silly but as a practitioner, when you are 100% comfortable with how to treat in a dignified manner, you have an air of confidence and calm that rubs off on your client. Many therapists spend the bulk of their training and their practise treating women - that’s a fact. Practitioners  inexperienced in treating men are more likely to increase your feeling of discomfort and awkwardness by deflecting their own lack of confidence on you, let alone increasing the pain of the treatment itself.



So what are the main ways to remove unwanted body hair?

Get your bic out!

Shaving can work perfectly well at home, however many men will find that body hair is both thick and plentiful, this can make home shaving quite an ordeal and can leave the skin chafed and sore.


Wax on wax off

Waxing provides a fantastic quick way to remove unwanted body hair and leave skin smooth and silky. Ideal for those of you preparing to bare some flesh on holiday, getting back on the dating scene or working out in the gym. This treatment is carried out in a single session. Prices will depend on the area treated. The results usually last around six weeks.


Semi permanent hair removal

Laser systems have become more & more sophisticated over the last few years. The advantage of this method is the long-lasting results. For many. this treatment can leave you with very little hair regrowth requiring maintenance treatments once or twice / year. The area treated and the amount of hair will determine the number of sessions you will need. This will also determine pricing. The results last usually last around a year, at which point you may need a maintenance treatment.


Where can I remove hair from?

Literally anywhere you have hair you can remove. You might have noticed as you age you start to lose hair from where you want it to be and gain hair growth in places you don't really want it!




-Facial hair







-Genital area





Literally anywhere you have unwanted hair you can treat!

So, if you are ready to take the plunge and want to have a stress free experience then Jimmy Bodur is your man. To book online click here or get in touch for questions or comments.