How can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

This month we are spotlighting our incredible therapist Maxine Buckley. Maxine has noticed that many people have no concept of this incredibly effective therapy and how it can be used to help with every day problems. Here Maxine gives us a brief intro to this fascinating topic.

'Rapid Hypnosis is a holistic treatment which is fast, natural and very effective. As a Hypnotherapist I deal directly with your subconscious mind. Unlike your conscious mind the subconscious is the larger under layer of your mind.

The subconscious mind is your unquestioning servant, which never sleeps and works day and night to ensure your body is functioning 24 hours a day.

It regulates your body temperature, maintains your heart beats and breathing. It’s a huge memory bank for everything you have ever experienced, including all your habits good or bad, and stores all your programmes  such as how to ride a bike, to walk, to swim and much more, it’s truly amazing.

With Hypnosis together we can tap into your subconscious mind reprogram your habits, beliefs and emotions. Your subconscious is there to protect you and keep you in your comfort zone, but Hypnosis can push you out of your comfort zone so you can explore new things and change your lifestyle.

Changing your daily habits can feel like a challenge, which can lead to failure you can feel stuck feel like your not moving forward in life, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just one session of hypnosis and you will notice the difference, those challenges will be effortless and painless.

During the session all of my clients receive a hypnotic confidence boost so you can be more confident in all aspects of your life. I can anchor that confidence so your confidence will grow and grow.

That is why Hypnosis is so powerful!'

'Kinetic shift is dynamic and very powerful hypnosis tool used to removing anxiety, fears, phobias, pain, PTSD and much more. A technique that is content free!

Removing unwanted deep rooted issues that may have accumulated over the years that may go as far back as childhood. You may not remember that negative event but the subconscious knows it’s there and can come out as psychosomatic problems.

These deep rooted issues can also be responsible for addictive habits and behaviours, such as smoking, gambling, sex, eating disorders, over spending, nail biting, and any other unwanted habits or behaviours you’ve acquired.

Once we release the accumulated traumas then you will find things start to fall into place. The fog will clear, you feel clarity, lighter and empowered.

Hypnosis is not for everyone, but for those who want to make powerful changes.'

If you have an issue or something you think Hypnosis can help you with then feel free to contact Maxine or book in for a chat on Zoom, Skype or a good old fashioned phone call should do the trick.