How to alcohol drink sensibly

'So you like a drink......nothing wrong with having one or two glasses of wine after a long day. What If I told you that most of my women clients drink one or two bottles of wine per night! Just check in with yourself for a moment think about how you would feel if you took a month off alcohol. Does that bother you or does it trigger your anxiety? 

When alcohol becomes an everyday occurrence, it can be hard to realise the effects it’s having on your well-being. The common alcohol-related issues can be sleeping problems, anxiety, puffy eyes, headaches, lack of focus, blackouts, and all of the hidden health issues that can accumulate over time. You may not want to stop drinking alcohol, maybe take control, know when to say NO! Hypnotherapy treatment will help you to control your drinking habits. whether that's is drinking only at the weekend or cutting back on daily consumption. 

If you are suffering from social or drinking anxiety then I can help you overcome that too. So you can feel confident, relaxed and calm without consuming too much drink. Feel free to message or phone me to find out more about how Hypnosis can help you.'

Maxine Buckley, Hypnotherapist