What are the side effects or down time?

Rare however, occasionally a small bruise can appear at a needle site. Sometimes people may feel slightly tired after after the first treatment even dizzy. This feeling passed very quickly and may just be presence at the first treatment. After the initial appointment I advise to have a quiet day. Many after the first appointment feel deeply relaxed and feel they need to rest. After future appointments you may feel slightly energised. We always advice to keep hydrated.

When do I start feeling the benefits?

Many people feel deeply relaxed during the first treatment. Benefit can be seen early as 1-2 treatments.

How much does it cost?

From £90 for 45min appointment. Home Visits from £90.

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Michelle Dawes-Jenkins (Bespoke Acupuncture)
Ecaterina Brady



HOT SWEATS !!!! Gone ! INSOMNIA! Gone! MOOD SWINGS!! Gone ! I didn't think it was possible as I had tried lots of other treatments that people suggested and no joy. After just a few sessions I could feel the improvements and my energy levels rose and no more disturbed sleep. Feel like I want to tell every woman I meet! Thanks for giving me my life back Michelle".

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